Hosting with Heyscape

We’re currently not accepting any new hosting requests for locations.

Thinking of hosting tiny cabins on your land? You’ve come to the right place!

Established in 2019 and with half a dozen active locations throughout Western Australia, Heyscape has over 10 years of combined hosting experience.

Who are we

We are a Western Australian based and owned business who love to partner with passionate local landowners to host our tiny cabins, showcase their beautiful properties and promote their local area to our guests from WA, Interstate and Overseas.

Our cabins are completely off the grid (solar panels, batteries, water tank…) and are the ideal weekend getaway for people to unplug from the city stress.

We manage everything (from local shires applications to guests bookings and cabin maintenance) and pay our landowners rent in exchange for a tiny bit of land for our cabins.

For our landowners it’s an easy way to get more from unused pockets of land and a great opportunity to increase exposure to their business (wineries, farms, local produce etc..).

Read our story and meet the team on our About Us page.

Why partner with us

We are a local WA owned company continually supporting local WA landowners to generate hassle-free income with minimal effort.

We have years of experience working with local shires and are committed to the safety of our guests and landowners. We will handle all the finer details from development applications to fire risk management.

Be part of showcasing the beautiful Western Australian landscape and by choosing to partner with Heyscape, know that you will be supporting the local workforce as we build and fit all our cabins right here in WA.

  • No cost to you, we handle all the details
  • Earn hassle free income from unused land
  • Be involved as little or as much as you want
  • We will meet with you as often as needed
  • Bring customers to your doorsteps and benefit from our marketing
  • We take care of all the Shire applications and required paperwork
  • We pay all relevant fees
  • We are fully insured and do things by the book
  • Our local team is only a phone call away

What we are looking for

We’re ideally looking for large lots of land (think 100+ acres) so that we can install a minimum of 3-4 cabins.

This being said sometimes – for example if your land borders a national park or is on a hill top and overlooks a valley – we can be creative and make it work on lesser acreage.

  • Cosy, secluded pockets of land that harnesses natural beauty and breathtaking views
  • Large lots of land, ideally 100 acres or more
  • Minimal light and noise pollution
  • Short driving distance to local businesses (cafe, shops) and touristic attractions are a plus

Cathy and Neil Howard – Whicher Ridge Wines

Highly Recommend Working with Heyscape

We have 3 Heyscape Tiny Cabins on our farming and vineyard property, 20kms inland from Busselton. We are located in an area not frequently visited by tourists as we are perceived as being ‘off the beaten’ track as a cellar door. With this in mind, our main aim for entering into an arrangement with Heyscape was to use the accommodation on our vineyard, as a draw card to get more visitors to our wine tasting experiences at our cellar door, which includes our wine sensory garden.

We have been collaboratively working with Heyscape since March 2021. They are a great team to work with, and we have found them to be well organised, with an efficient small team of administration, marketing and maintenance staff. We have access to view their booking platform to know who’s coming into each cabin, when and for how long, and we feel very much like we are part of the wider Heyscape team.

There is open communication between the Heyscape team members and ourselves on a regular basis, and any suggestions that we may have about improving the Heyscape cabin experiences here, have been considered and acted upon.

As we have watched Heyscape expand out onto more farming properties in different locations, we have seen that each cabin is an improvement on the previous, which is great to see.

Feedback from Heyscape guests who have visited our cellar door, is very positive and they have enjoyed their stay in a tiny cabin. The main appeal of their stay has been the quiet rural location, the wildlife, the farm animals, and sitting outside at night enjoying the stars.

We are looking forward to continuing working with Heyscape into the future, and excited about what changes may be afoot with the Heyscape Tiny Cabins here. The collaborative relationship between us and Heyscape has been rewarding, and we look forward to this continuing and growing in value for our wine business over the years to come.

Cathy + Neil Howard Whicher Ridge Wines. July 2022

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How it works

After you’ve filled up our landowner application form our team will review it and if your land is suitable we will get in touch with you to arrange a meet & greet and first site visit.

  • You provide the land
  • We handle all the details
  • We provide the cabins
  • We manage the bookings and cabin maintenance
  • You generate hassle-free income

Hosting options

Landowners can be involved as little or as much as they’d like. 

Land lease only:
We lease the land off you and pay you monthly income.

Land lease and cabin maintenance:
In addition to earning monthly income from the land, you can also choose to earn extra income for managing the housekeeping in between guests or performing minor maintenance tasks.

Doing it the right way

To set up such a unique experience in the beautiful WA landscape, we must first remember to take care of the land and our guests alike and with that comes handling the finer details. This includes Shire applications, fire risk management plans and much more.

At Heyscape we do things according to local rules and regulations. This is the only way to do things safely and in a sustainable way. Unlike what you may hear elsewhere, complying with local rules and regulations is the only way to be properly insured in case of an incident.


✅ Local Shire Development application (DA)

✅ Bushfire management plan (BMP)

✅ Bushfire emergency evacuation plan (BEEP)

✅ Waste water management plan (WWMP)

✅ Building Permits and Certificates of Occupancy

✅ Cabins engineered up to NCC standards

✅ BAL29 compliant construction

✅ Maintained APZ all year round

✅ $20M Public Liability insurance policy

✅ $50M business insurance policy cover

✅ Scheduled Maintenance on cabins and land

✅ Strict guests rules and information around safety around bushland

✅ Over 10 years of combined hosted nights


❌ DA are the landowner’s responsibility

❌ BMP are the landowner’s responsibility

❌ BEEP are the landowner’s responsibility

❌ WWMP are the landowner’s responsibility

❌ BP are the landowner’s responsibility

❌ Caravans only suitable for licensed caravan parks1

❌ Construction unsuitable for bushfire prone area

❌ No APZ

❌ No valid Public Liability insurance policy2

❌ No valid insurance policy2

❌ Random cabin/land maintenance by 3rd parties

❌ Vague rules and information around safety around bushland

❌ Limited experience

1 Caravans aren’t the magic answer to all legal requirements. Operating one caravan to occasionally host friends & family is one thing, running a short term accommodation business is a completely different beast. In any case all the local rules and regulations such as bushfire risk management and waste water treatment still apply, caravan or not.

2 Being insured is important but won’t help if done without compliance with local rules and regulations. Without compliance the insurer won’t come to the party in case of accident.

How to apply

We’re currently not accepting new applications for locations.

Many thanks!