Who is Heyscape?

Setting the benchmark for unique stays in unique locations, Heyscape provides premium eco-friendly cabin experiences across Western Australia. It is a privately owned Western Australian company since 2019 and is operated by a passionate team of Perth locals.

Heyscape Pty Ltd (ABN 66 641 407 472) 

Why Heyscape?

Heyscape was created to bridge the gap between quality and comfort with being in nature. Introducing off-grid and sustainable experiences, allowing folks to stay in premium locations otherwise normally inaccessible. 

Heyscape tiny cabins are a place to retreat to from the demands of the modern world and a place to reset, recharge and rejuvenate.


All our off-grid cabins are situated in various locations in nature across Western Australia. Each location has been carefully selected allowing you to travel the state with Heyscape! You can browse all the locations here.

Why is the address not displayed?

Don’t worry, we’ll tell you everything you need to know in your pre-arrival instructions which you will receive up to 48 hours before you arrive. It will include the address of your cabin, how to get there, where to park and what to bring.

We want you to have a unique and memorable experience with an added bit of mystery. 

Can I get there with my small car?

We aim to ensure all cabins are accessible with a 2-wheel drive car. In some instances, 2-wheel drive vehicles will need to park a short walk from the cabin.

Can I park right at the cabin?

Each cabin has a designated parking area which is usually only a short distance from the entrance of the cabin. During the winter months, we may experience severe wet weather and so you may be asked to park in the Winter Parking area if the tracks are not suitable for a 2-wheel drive city car.

What’s in the cabin?

Heyscape cabins are fully equipped with maximum comfort in mind with queen/& single size beds, pillows, sheets, towels, a mini fridge, kitchenette, outdoor BBQ, hammocks where available, ceiling fans, indoor shower, and a composting toilet. Our cabins also have reverse-cycle air-conditioning – as they are powered by the sun with our solar panels, we do encourage our guests to use the energy with an environmentally conscious mindset. There are no power plugs in the majority of our cabins, but you’ll find USB plugs to charge your essentials (phone, tablet). 

By providing an environmentally conscious experience, Heyscape aims to translate this awareness and responsible energy usage from the cabins to your homes. This creates a positive impact beyond the immediate stay, encouraging everyone to adopt sustainable practices in their everyday lives and contribute to a greener future.

Tell me more about the kitchenette?

You’ll have everything you need to make your favourite, wholesome meals. The indoor kitchenette has a mini fridge, small cooktop, coffee maker (machine/ stove top/ plunger), plates, bowls, cutlery, can opener, wooden spoon, cooking knives, pots & pans, ground coffee & tea, olive oil and salt & pepper. You will also find paper towels, tea towels and biodegradable dishwashing liquid provided.

how does the composting toilet work?

Our cabins are eco-friendly and off-the-grid, which means there is no plumbed sewage. The composting toilet looks just like your regular toilet at home, but with no flush. The system is completely odourless and still allows you to put toilet paper only in. By eliminating the reliance on conventional water-flush toilets, this helps us to conserve water resources. 

is there water available?

All our cabins have safe, drinkable water available. We either use rainwater, or get water delivered. By using potable tank water, Heyscape cabins aim to promote mindful consumption to prevent excessive water waste.

Can I have a campfire?

One of the joys of camping is sitting around a roaring fire, so you are definitely encouraged to build a campfire in the fire pit outside of the Total Fire Ban season. Very generally, this period is from December 1 to March 31 inclusive, but it may vary from place to place and from year to year. Please contact us or visit the Department of Fire and Emergency Services website for more information.

What should I bring with me?

We supply linen, towels, toilet paper, biodegradable bathroom products, biodegradable dishwashing detergent, kitchen paper towels, olive oil, salt & pepper and coffee & tea. Our mini fridge will hold enough supplies for a couple of nights, so make sure you think about bringing food, milk and your favourite beverages. You’ll also need to bring your usual get-away gear, like hats, sunscreens, insect repellent, clothes, etc.


Need to unplug from your busy life, but stay on the grid? We’re excited to now offer connected cabins, all with super fast internet access accessible for an additional fee, perfect for working or streaming surrounded by nature. Writing a novel? Coding up a storm? Why not work from our Work Cabins.

The rest of our cabins do not have wi-fi, perfect for when you need a break from doom scrolling & your always online life. Embrace the disconnect!

Will I be able to use my mobile?

This depends greatly on your mobile phone service provider, some locations have better network coverage than others. If you wish to confirm phone coverage prior to your stay, contact us for your cabin’s specific location so you can check your service provider’s coverage map.

What wildlife will I see?

Depending on your location, you may see some local Western Australian wildlife such as kangaroos, echidnas, goannas, lizards, emus, and plenty of smaller birds. As the cabins are located out in nature, there is a chance you’ll see the occasional snake. Don’t worry, they are more afraid of you than you are of them but make sure to wear sensible shoes, take care when bushwalking, and you’ll be fine.


Our cabin is a great chance for you and your children to experience an untamed environment and get close to nature.

Check out our Family Cabins available for the entire family to create some new memories. Our two-person cabins are generally adults only. 

Can I bring my dog?

We know it’s hard to leave your furry four-legged friends behind, that’s why we have our Dog Friendly cabins so they can join the fun! Just remember dogs need to be kept on their lead when walking on the property and all waste needs to be collected.

Click here to browse our Dog Friendly cabins. Have a look at the additional T&C’s if you choose to bring your dog along.


Prices vary depending on your choice of a classic 2-person cabin, a premium  2-person cabin or a 4-person/family cabin. Prices start at $300 per night for a Classic Cabin, $450 per night for a Family Cabin and $590 per night for a Premium Cabin

There is a 3-night minimum booking required for long weekends.
You will be required to pay for your booking using a credit or debit card without any additional fees.

Can I cancel my booking?

We understand that sometimes even the best laid plans go awry. Please see our Cancellation and Changes Policy in our Booking Terms & Conditions.


All our Premium cabins have baths, some have an indoor bath next to a big picture window and others have an outdoor bath. Our surf cabins in Yallingup also have an outdoor shower and surf racks.

Here are all the cabins with an indoor bath and here are cabins with an outdoor bath.