Who is Heyscape?

Heyscape Pty Ltd (ABN 66 641 407 472) is proudly a West Australian privately owned company located in Perth.  

Why Heyscape?

Heyscape give you the chance to nestle into a beautiful natural environment and to rest and recuperate from the  demands of the modern world. Experience everything you love about camping but with the creature comforts of home.

Where are the cabins located?

Our off-the-grid cabins are scattered across the state in a number of beautiful locations within a couple of hours drive from Perth.

Why is the address not displayed?

We want you to have a unique and memorable adventure. Don’t worry, we’ll tell you everything you need to know in your pre-arrival instructions – up to 48 hours before you arrive. You’ll know the address, how to get there, where to park and what to bring.

For now, enjoy the mystery!

Can I get there with my small car?

We aim to ensure all cabins are accessible with a 2-wheel drive car. In some instances, 2-wheel drive vehicles will need to park a short walk from the cabin, and due to severe wet weather you may be asked to park in a Winter Parking area if the cabin is too muddy to reach safely in a city car.

Can I park right at the cabin?

Each cabin has a designated parking area, which is usually no more than about a minute’s walk to the cabin.

What’s in the cabin?

Cabins are decked-out with one queen size bed, pillows, sheets, towels, a mini fridge, kitchenette, outdoor BBQ and hammocks, ceiling fans, indoor shower, and a composting toilet. Our cabins are off-the-grid and solar-powered, so air conditioning (cooling only) is there for when you really, really need it. There are no power plugs in the cabin, but you’ll find a couple of USB plugs to charge your essentials (phone, tablet). We want you to be conscious of the power and water you consume at our cabins and hopefully back home too. We also have some awesome board games for you to play.

Tell me more about the kitchenette?

You’ll have everything you need to whip-up some delicious meals. The cabins have a mini fridge, small cooktop, Italian press coffee maker, plates, bowls, cutlery, can opener, wooden spoon, knives, saucepans, coffee, olive oil and S&P. There’s paper towels & TP from our mates at Who Gives a Crap and biodegradable dish washing liquid provided. You’ll also have a BBQ to make the most of our gorgeous WA weather.

What’s the go with the composting toilet?

Our cabins are off-the-grid, which means there is no plumbed sewage. However, the composting toilet looks like your regular loo at home, but with no flush. Don’t worry, the system is completely odourless.

What about water?

All our cabins are off-the-grid, so they aren’t on mains water. We either use rainwater, or get water delivered. The tank has enough water to last a couple for three nights, so please, please, please be mindful of your water consumption. All the water is potable.

Can I have a campfire?

One of the joys of camping is sitting around a roaring fire. So you are definitely encouraged to build a campfire in the fire pit, as long as there is not a Total Fire Ban in place.

Unfortunately, no campfires are permitted during the bushfire season from 30 October to 30 April.

What should I bring with me?

We supply linen, towels, TP, biodegradable bathroom products, biodegradable dish washing detergent, kitchen paper towels, olive oil, S&P and coffee. Our mini fridge will hold enough supplies for a couple of nights, so make sure you think about bringing food, milk and your favourite beverages. You’ll also need to bring your usual get-away gear, like hats, sunscreens, insect repellent, clothes, etc.

What about the Wi-Fi?

What Wi-Fi? There’s no Wi-Fi at our cabins and never will be.

We want you to enjoy being digitally disconnected so you can reconnect with yourself, your significant others, friends, and nature. Gaze at the view, go for a bush walk, do some bird watching, swing in the hammock, read your favourite books, the day is yours to explore without digital distraction.

Will I be able to use my mobile?

This depends greatly on your mobile phone service provider, and some locations are better than others. If you wish to confirm phone coverage prior to your stay, reach out to us for your cabin’s specific location so you can check your service provider’s coverage map.

What wildlife will I see?

Depending on your location, you may see kangaroos, echidnas, goannas, lizards, emus, and plenty of smaller birds. The cabin is near some pretty dense bush, so there is a chance you’ll see the occasional snake. Don’t worry, they are more afraid of you than you are of them. Just wear sensible shoes and take care when bushwalking, and you’ll be fine.

What about kids?

Our cabin is a great chance for you to experience an untamed environment and get close to nature. We understand how much you’d like to share that experience with your children. However, only children over the age of 12 are welcome if they are under adult supervision at all times (unless authorised by us prior to booking). If your child requires constant tech-based entertainment, Heyscape may not be the most fun getaway for them. 

Can I bring my dog?

Some of our cabins are dog friendly, make sure to check the booking page for your cabin of choice. Just remember dogs need to be kept on a leash when walking on the property and all waste needs to be collected. Click here to find out more about our dog friendly cabins. There are additional T&C’s if you choose to bring your dog to one of dog friendly cabins.

How do I pay for my booking?

You pay for your booking using a credit or debit card. Don’t sweat it, we won’t charge you any credit card fees.

Can I cancel my booking?

We know that sometimes even the best laid plans go awry. We have a flexible cancellation & reschedule policy, including provisions for cancellations due to COVID-19. Please see our Cancellation Policy in our Booking Terms & Conditions.